History of tHermoCEUTICAL


2019 ~

2019 Acquired patents for Yeast-fermented solution and recipe of anti-inflammatory herb extracts
2019 Acquired patents for composition for acne treatment, including herbal extracts fermented with yeast
2019 Acquired ISO 9001:2015


2016 ~

2018.10 Launched Tyroderm Patch
2018.09 Participated in China International BeautyExpo (Guangzhou)
2018.03 Launched SolarCare90 Gel Fuild
2018.04 Launched Premium Laser RED Gel
2018.04 Participated in China Beauty Expo (Shanghai)
2016. Released Aqua Easy Gel Masque
2016. MGF Regentronseries Set box, Aqua Boost released
2016. Participated in China International BeautyExpo (Guangzhou)
2016. Participated in CosmoprofAsia (HongKong)

2011 ~ 2015

2011 ~ 2015

2011.07 tHermoCEUTICAL Launching Corrector Line
2011.10 FCR, tHermoCEUTICAL exported to Japan and Southeast Asia
2012.06 Presented FCR effect paper to USA Science (The Science of Dermatological)
2012.06 Concluded Family Company of Dankook University
2012.07 Released MGF Regentron Mistic Solution
2012.11 Hong Kong COSMOPROF to tHermoCEUTICAL Brand
2013.04 Launch of MGF Lifting Kit
2013.09 Established R & D center of Dankook University
2013.11 Max HydraPlus + Cream released
2014.10 Certified as an affiliated research institute by Korea Industrial Technology Association
2014.06 Launched Mask Premium Red Gel
2014.12 Launching a petal filling
2015. Released Prime Stem cell ampoule
2015. National Project for Development of Raw Materials

2011 ~ 2015
2006 ~ 2010

2006 ~ 2010

2006.03 Contracted with domestic medical equipment company, Awon Instrument Co., Ltd.
2007.05 tHermoCEUTICAL BB Launched Contour and Ampoule line
2008.07 Licensed General Topics in Italy
2009.11 Launched Fractional Prickle Coral Calcium Regentron (FCR)
2010.06 tHermoCEUTICAL Moisturizing, calming, playing line Launching ia Participation

2006 ~ 2010
2004 ~ 2005

2004 ~ 2005

2004.10 Established Isle Global Corporation
2005.08 Acquired IFC (Industrial Farmaceutica Cantabria, S.A.) license

2004 ~ 2005


In order to develop products that can be trusted and used by everyone with the aim of developing more professional and systematic products, which is the motto and belief of i’llGlobal Co., Ltd., We established a research institute.

In addition to the development of new products, existing products have also been steadily researched and developed, so that unnecessary elements have been abandoned and necessary elements have been reinforced.

i’llGlobal Co., Ltd. will continue to try to provide the best service for customers.